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About activation management ( NT )
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To manage the activation of “Hatsune Miku NT”, log in to your SONICWIRE account from the following page on our website.
“MY PAGE”> “Purchased Product Information”> Hatsune Miku NT “Installation / Authentication Information”> on the “Activation Management” page,
you can manage the activation / deactivation of your machine yourself.

When migrating the machine environment, click the “Delete” button on the “Activation Management” page to deactivate the old machine, and then install and activate the product on the new machine.
There is no problem even if the old machine cannot be started at the time of the above deactivation.
By clicking the “Delete” button, the activation information of the old machine will be invalidated in our license server, and you will be able to activate on the new machine.
(At that time, the old machine and the license server will not communicate)