Announcement about release of “MEGURINE LUKA V4X” and “Piapro Studio version updater”
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“MEGURINE LUKA V4X” has been released today.

New “Piapro Studio” (version 2.0.0) is included with “MEGURINE LUKA V4X”, with below added features:

– Support for VOCALOID4 engine.
(a) Cross Synthesis Feature
(b) Growl Feature
(c) Pitch Snap Mode Feature
(d) Pitch Rendering Feature

– Support for “E.V.E.C.” feature of “Megurine Luka V4X”.

If you are a user of “HATSUNE MIKU V3” (including HATSUNE MIKU V3 BUNDLE), “KAITO V3” or “MEIKO V3”, Piapro Studio will be updated from the VOCALOID3 engine to the VOCALOID4 engine by installing “MEGURINE LUKA V4X”. The VOCALOID4 engine features (a)(c)(d) listed above will also be available for “HATSUNE MIKU V3”, “KAITO V3” and “MEIKO V3”. See details [here].

The “Piapro Studio version updater” was also updated to include following fixes:

( Fixed problem of undoing while editing vibrato parameter.
( Various bug fixes.
( Optimized E.V.E.C. internal parameter.

Please look for update details by launching Piapro Studio.

We have released the “Piapro Studio version updater” which fixes the problem of loading song file or .ppsf file created by Piapro Studio before version 2.0.0.

For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire with your retailer on how to obtain the zip file.