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How to update the Piapro Studio.
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You can update the Piapro Studio with one of the following methods.

Use a automatic updating function
Update manually

* When the Piapro Studio isn’t updated automatically, try a manual update.
*When the announce “the VOCALOID4 API is about to be updated” appears while updating the Piapro Studio, finish updating the Piapro Syudio after you finish updating the VOCALOID4 API following the announce.Check here for more information about updating the VOCALOID4 API.

Use a automatic updating function
(*Your computer need to be connected to internet.)

When the updata is released, the update checker(the picture below) appears at the same time you start Piapro Studio.


When this screen appears, finish the DAW software(ex. Studio One) and click the [Update] bottom. After that, update following the procedures announced in the screen

You can check whether you have to update or not at “Check the update” in the “Help” menu.


Update manually

1. Downlaod the updata from the support page.

Those who purchased a package version of Crypton VOCALOID3 product. VOCALOID4 product or download version from the Crypton WEBsite can download the updata from this sapport page.

Those who purchased the download version with SONICWIRE can download the updata from this sapport page.

*As for the updatas of the Piapro Studio, there are two types, one for the stand alone version and one for the plug-in version(VSTi / AU).
When you have the plug-in version of the Piapro Studio, download the updata for the plug-in version.

2. Launch the updata and execute the update.

Extract the downloaded compressed file and launch the “update” application in the extracted file, then you can execute the update,

*When you execute the update, don’t forget to check that the Piapro Studio isn’t launching.