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When I start the Piapro Studio, it is forcibly teminated with the DAW software.
Category :SupportError when starting Piapro Studio

This section explains how to deal with cases where the entire DAW software (Studio One, etc.) crashes after launching Piapro Studio, or when Piapro Studio does not start properly. (Updated Nov/22/2022)

(A) Older version of Piapro Studio
Depending on your OS version, Piapro Studio may not start up because it does not support that OS version.
In this case, please manually update Piapro Studio to the latest version.
Check this out for the way to update manually.
(B) After upgrading the OS or replacing the PC

Changes in internal OS functions or data migration procedures due to upgrades may cause problems with VOCALOID library authentication information or other settings.
In such cases, please try the following procedure.

(1) First deactivate all VOCALOID libraries once.

      Windows:     VOCALOID4 Library: Click “Activate4” in “VOCALOID4” in “Applications” from “Start” on the computer.
      VOCALOID3 Library: Click “Activate” in “Tiny Vocaloid3.
  Mac:   Run “VOCALOID License Manager” in Applications/VOCALOID/
  [NOTE] If you have a large number of libraries installed, please be careful not to omit any.

(2) Then activate any single VOCALOID library from Crypton Future Media, Inc..
(3) Restart the PC to be sure.
(4) Start the DAW and check the operation of Piapro Studio.
(5) After confirming that it works without any problems, activate the other libraries, if any.

[Reference] About authentication of VOCALOID Library (Yamaha’s website)
  – Activation (Authentication) of VOCALOID Products
  – Deactivation (Restoring Authentication Information) of VOCALOID Products
  – activation and Deactivation – VOCALOID Product Registration 1. Basic Knowledge

(C) Apple Silicon Mac (M1/M2 etc.)

Piapro Studio (and the VOCALOID API) runs in x86_64 CPU compatibility mode, not native mode on Apple Silicon CPUs.
Therefore, you must run your DAW in “Rosetta” mode.
Please check here for more details.