Start Using Piapro Studio
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Once Piapro Studio VSTi software has successfully been installed, you can input your own melody and have the vocal sound generator sing your songs straight away. This tutorial will introduce how to start using Piapro Studio, from creating vocal tracks and melodies, to mastering voice playback and saving your files. First, let’s master the basics of how to use Piapro Studio.

■How to Create a Vocal Track

Follow these steps to make a vocal track: 1. First, choose the vocals you would like to use. 001-newTrack 2. Then click the plus sign (+) button at the top left-hand side of the screen. 002-newTrack Now, you can see a new track with the default singer ready to use.

■How to Create a Region

Now that you have chosen a vocal to sing your song, lets prepare the melody box.

Note: Piapro Studio will refer to this “box” as a “region”.

Follow these steps to make a region: 1. First, click on the pencil tool from the tool bar option at the top of the screen. 003-pencilTool 2. Next, you can write a region by dragging the mouse over the image’s yellow framework. 004-region Now, your region is ready to start making a melody.

■How to Create a Melody

Once you have made the region, you can start writing the melody. Follow these steps to make a melody: 2. You will then see a vertical piano keyboard and grid on the screen. 005-pianoroll 1. First, double click on the region and it will open.

Note: This feature is called the Piano Roll.

3. Using the pencil tool from the tool bar, drag your mouse over any area on the grid to make a note. The horizontal rectangle shapes are the notes. 006-note

Note: The height of these rectangle shapes represents how high the pitch is. The length of these boxes represents the length of the note.

■How to Input Lyrics

Whenever you write a note on the piano roll, all notes from the lyrics will first be set to ‘La’. You can edit these notes to fit with your song. Follow these steps to learn how to input lyrics: 1. Double click on a note, and the Lyric Editing Palette will appear. 007-lycPalette Now you can start in-putting lyrics on to the notes. 008-lyrics 2. Once you have edited the notes, click on the OK button to change them. 009-translated

Note: You can insert more than one note at a time by using this procedure in Piapro Studio.

■How to Listen to the Vocals

Follow these steps to listen to the lyrics and notes sung together: 1. Click on the play button and a red play bar will appear on the screen. 010-playback When the play bar passes over the notes, the voice will play. 011-playback2 2. Click on the stop button to stop the singing. 012-stop

■How to Save a File

If you want to save what you have edited so far, you can do so by saving it as a Studio One song file. The next time you go to edit, it will open from where you last saved. Follow these steps to save your work: 1. Go to the Studio One ‘File’ menu and click on ‘Save’.

Note: Because Piapro Studio VSTi uses a VST plug-in, the data must be saved to the host application DAW.


If the save button does not work, then Studio One will automatically edit and back up your work.

Even if you close the Piapro Studio plug-in window, you can still open and edit the file.

To re-open a saved file: 1. Click on recently saved files on the Studio One main screen, and find the file name you want. You can start working from where you last finished. 014-songList

Now you have mastered the basics of how to start using Piapro Studio. Please continue to check the Piapro Studio tutorial page for future updates and helpful advice on how to master all functions of Piapro Studio.