We have released the Piapro Studio NT updater.
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We have released the “Piapro Studio NT version updater”.
Please look for the update by launching Piapro Studio with menu [Help] -> [Check for Updates].

This update includes the following:

  • New Features
  •      (1) Editing feature of “Markers”
         (2) Audio Export Settings Dialog
  • Various bug fixes

New feature (1) : Editing feature of “Markers”

  • Markers can be added by right-clicking on the measure bar and selecting the “Add Marker” menu.
  • By double-clicking on a marker, you can edit the displayed text string. Markers can be added according to the position of the song, such as “intro” or “chorus.
  • Markers can be moved/deleted/copy & pasted/drag-copied.
  • The playback bar can be moved to the marker position. (Transport menu)

New feature (2) : Audio Export Settings Dialog

  • Selecting the [File][Export][Audio…] menu opens the Audio Export Settings dialog box.
  • You can set the destination folder, export file name, selection of tracks to be exported, export time range, stereo/mono, bit depth, etc. all at once.
  • Currently, “Format” and “Sampling Rate” are fixed to “Wave file” and the sampling rate set for the song, respectively. This will be extended in future updates.
  • With this feature, the [Track][Export Track] and [Region][Export Region] menus have been removed and integrated into the [File][Export][Audio…] menu.

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