We have released the Piapro Studio NT updater.
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We have released the “Piapro Studio NT version updater”.
Please look for the update by launching Piapro Studio with menu [Help] -> [Check for Updates].

The following bugs have been fixed in this update.

  • Bug with crash when editing
  • Bug with crash when entering numerical values
  • Problems related to copy and paste
  • Problems related to Audio Export
  • Problems related to display
  • Bug with Crash when importing VSQX file
  • Other Bugs

There is a problem that mp3 audio files could not be played correctly when loaded.
For this reason, we have temporarily excluded mp3 files from the loading list. We will address this issue in a future update.

Please refer to the previous updates here.

For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire at your dealer on how to get the zip file.