About Piapro Studio NT
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The following fixes have been made in the Piapro Studio NT version update.

[NOTE] Piapro Studio NT is installed with the Miku NT Library installer. See here for more information.

  • Support for Miku NT libraries
  • Bug Fixes
         – Fixed various problems with pitch editing
         – Fixed various bugs related to synchronization with the host DAW
         – Various other bug fixes
  • Increased processing speed
         processing speed for voice synthesis and editing operations have been improved.
         We will continue to work on improving the processing speed.
  • New feature (1) : Automatic backup feature
         During the editing process, regular backups are taken, so that even if a crash occurs, you can return to the previous state upon reboot.

         You can select the interval for saving backups through;
           [Preferences] [Detail] [System] – [Automatic Backup Interval]
         You can also cheese “No automatic backup”.
         (note) The backup process takes a certain amount of load, so please choose appropriate backup interval, for example, when you are editing a large song.

  • New feature (2) : Show the progress of background rendering
         After the editing operation, a progress bar will appear in the lower right corner of the piano roll (or in the lower right corner of each track in Track View) to indicate the progress during the background rendering process.
         For example, right after loading a song file with multiple tracks, waiting for this progress bar to disappear before starting editing will improve the overall operation interval.

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