We have released the Miku NT Library
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We have just released the new HATSUNE MIKKU NT library (version installer.
Piapro Studio NT version, which supports the new libraries, has also been updated.

Since this update includes a library update & additional libraries, please download and install the product data from the “DL/LICENSE” of HATSUNE MIKU NT by logging into your SONICWIRE account from the following page of our website.
* Be sure to unzip the zip file before launching the installer.

The following improvements have been made to the MIKU NT Original library.

  • Optimized the fluctuation of long vowels.
  • Improved the sound quality of phonemes with many aperiodic components. (such as silent consonants and Whisper/Dark vowels)
  • Adjusted phonemes to connect more smoothly with each other.
  • Adjusted pronunciation settings to maintain naturalness and clarity of singing.
    You can switch between presets by right-click on a track in Piapro Studio and select Active or Normal from the “Expression Style of the Track” menu.)

Please see here for the details of the fixes in Piapro Studio