We have released the Miku NT Library
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We have just released version of the Miku NT Original library and version of Piapro Studio NT, which supports the new library.

Since this update includes a library update, please download and install the product data from the “DL/LICENSE” of HATSUNE MIKU NT by logging into your SONICWIRE account from the following page of our website.

In this update, the following improvements have been made to the MIKU NT Original library, including improvements to the sound quality of extended sounds and the naturalness of fluctuations.

  • Improved sound quality and clarity, especially for unvoiced consonants.
  • Improved the quality of unvoiced sounds (breath components).
  • Improved the naturalness of phoneme transitions.
  • Partial optimization of F0 transition.

Please see here for the details of the fixes in Piapro Studio