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I can’t find the Piapro Studio NT in the Studio One.
Category :SupportError when starting Piapro Studio

When you can’t find Piapro Studio NT in [Instrument] of Studio One, check the article below.
* Please check here for details on how to start up.

・ Checking VST plug-in references / Resetting the blocklist
Please make sure that the folder where the Piapro Studio NT is located is specified as the VST plug-in reference.

【How to check the reference of the VST plug-in in Studio One】

・Windows → Option>Location>VST Plug-ins
・Mac → Preferences>Location>VST Plug-ins

* If you can’t see it even though it’s specified, run “Reset Blocklist” and try to rescan the plugin.

The folders specified as the default install directory for Piapro Studio NT are as follows.

【Piapro Studio NT install directory】

Install directory for the VST3 plug-in (the file extension is “.vst3”)

Install directory for the VST3 plug-in (the file extension is “.vst3”)
・Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/

・ What to do if you can’t find the plug-in standard on the Mac.
If you are using a Mac, you will see two plug-in standards, VST3 and AU.
If you cannot determine, please check the following points.

【On the browser】

Click on one of the two Piapro Studio NTs and see the category view at the bottom of your browser.
Alternatively, click on “Sort by” > “Type” at the top of the browser to sort the plug-ins into folders by standard.

【On the plugin manager】

View > Plug-in Manager (Studio One 4.5 and later versions)
The Plug-In Manager displays all the plug-ins recognized by StudioOne in a window.
You can quickly find the plugin standard you want to use by entering a name, choosing Type > check for the plugin standard you want to view or Vendor > uncheck for all but “Crypton” at the filter.