About new feature of the Piapro Studio NT
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WThis Piapro Studio version update for the Miku NT Library includes the following additions and fixes.

[NOTE] Piapro Studio NT is installed with the Miku NT Library installer. See here for more information.

  • The feature to work with pitch curves and notes [New]
    Directly edited pitch curves now move together when moving or resizing notes.
  • A crash when loading a ppsf file containing vibrato has been fixed.
  • The ‘Vibrato Track’ will no longer show the property bar for notes that do not have vibrato set.
  • Fixed the behavior of the ‘Sil’ / ‘Asp’ note pitch curve. (Beta version)
  • Slightly faster processing during editing.
  • And some more fixes.

<About The feature to work with pitch curves and notes>

Directly edited pitch curves are now linked to the pitch curves when moving, resizing, copying & pasting or dragging a note.
The pitch curve is held in priority over the head position of the note as shown below.