We have released the Miku NT Library
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We’ve just released version of the Miku NT Library and the corresponding Piapro Studio NT version is now available.

Since this update includes a library update, please download and install the product data from the “DL/LICENSE” of HATSUNE MIKU NT by logging into your SONICWIRE account from the following page of our website.

>> Please visit here for new features of Piapro Studio NT version

<Notice about Windows Version Update>
Please follow the steps below to uninstall the previous NT Voice Library HATSUNE MIKU and Piapro Studio NT before installing the new library and Piapro Studio.

  1. Select “Settings” from the Windows menu.
  2. In the Windows settings screen, select “Apps (Uninstall, defaults, optional features). Select the following two items from the list:
  3. Click the following two items from the list and press [Uninstall] for each.
       – NT Voice Library HATSUNE MIKU
       – Piapro Studio NT

  4. Launch “Crypton Product Installer” and install new NT library and Piapro Studio.