Let’s launch Piapro Studio (Presonus Studio One 5)
Category :How to launch this software in your DAWSupport

1.Launch the application of Studio One.

2.Click the “create a new song” button.

3.The setting screen of a new song appears then click the “OK” button.

4. 4.The project launches then open the “instruments” from the brows at the right of the screen.
*When the brows screen isn’t displayed, display it by clicking the brows button in the lower right.

5.The list of the instruments appears then drag and drop Piapro Studio VSTi in the Crypton folder into the arrange window(the empty space at left side).
*Check here when you can’t find Piapro Studio VSTi.

6.When Piapro Studio launches, the logo of Piapro Studio appears then click the logo.

7.The editor screen of Piapro Studio appears.