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Crypton Product Manager is not installed.(ES-CPM-01)
Category :SupportError when starting Piapro Studio

If the message “Crypton Product Manager is not installed” appears when Piapro Studio NT is started, the installation may have failed, so please try to reinstall. Please note the following points when reinstalling.

  • Running under an account that does not have administrator privileges / access privileges

When installing, log in to an account that has administrator privileges (Win) / access privileges (Mac) and execute the installer.

  • Influence of some resident softwares such as security softwares.

If some resident softwares such as security softwares are running,
Please stop them all and try the installation again.
As the resident softwares, be careful not only with anti-virus softwares such as Norton and security softwares, but also with mouse utility softwares.