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About Upcoming Updates of Piapro Studio
Category :InfoFrom the Piapro Studio Development Team

Thank you for using Piapro Studio.

We updated Piapro Studio Version 2.0 to enable its use with VOCALOID4, including the new E.V.E.C. function.
The next step for our development team is enhancing and improving the Piapro Studio editor.

We are planning on adding functions that have been in the works, as well as new functionality for which we have received many customer requests. In the future we are planning on updating Piapro Studio as often as possible.

For now, our plans for the next main updates are below.

-Enhancing editing tools (Straight Line tool / Eraser tool and more)
-Region / Notes / Time stretching of the Automation, Glue Tool for the Regions
-Enhancing and improving The Automation Tracks
-Layering the Automation Tracks
-Enhancing editing of Chorus
-Customizing keyboard shortcuts
-Controlling the DAW transport from Piapro Studio
-Enhancing Audio Export functions

Along with functions above, we will continue tuning the code for faster operation and better control.
If you have in mind any function you would like to see added, please contact our technical support.

Thank you and we hope you will continue enjoying our products.