Start-Up Piapro Studio (PreSonus Studio One 2)
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In order to start using Piapro Studio, you must first configure the DAW application “VSTi”. The HATSUNE MIKU V3, KAITO V3, MEIKO V3 package comes together with the Studio One Artist Piapro Edition. Using this as an example, let’s introduce how to prepare Piapro Studio for use.

1. How to Start-Up the Studio One Artist Piapro Edition


Once the Studio One Artist Piapro Edition has been successfully installed, please click on the Studio One 2 short cut icon (see image on the left) that will appear on the desktop.

If you are using a MAC, double click on the Studio One logo in the applications folder in the Finder.

After Studio One 2 has been started up, the start-up page will appear (see below image). To let out sound from the speakers or headphones properly, please make sure the audio device settings are configured properly.


2. How to Configure the Audio Device

Go to the start menu and click on ‘Audio Device Settings’ (see picture below).


If you have an audio device that supports Windows ASIO or Mac Core Audio, please choose the audio device you have from the pull down menu.


If you do not have an audio device, you may want to select Windows Audio for Windows, or Built-in Output for Mac. Sound output will come from the monitor speakers or headphones.

Once you have chosen an audio device, click the OK button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. You audio device is now set-up.

3. How to Make a New Song

Now that the audio device is configured, click on the “Make New Songs” button on the top left hand corner of the start menu screen (see image below).


A screen will appear to configure the song title, tempo, sound quality etc. Once all settings have been configured, click the OK button at the bottom right hand of the screen.


4. Start-up Piapro Studio

After the New Song has been made, an image will appear on screen like the one below. Click on the Browse button at the bottom right hand corner, and then click on Installment.


Piapro Studio VSTi will then appear on the right hand side menu. Please drag this file from the right and drop it in the grey box on the left hand side of the screen (see image below).


The Piapro Studio plug-in window will then appear. Please click on this window (see image below).


The Piapro Editor Window will then appear and you are ready to start! (see image below)