Playback of Preview Phrase
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You can playback the Preview Phrase on the Singer List of Piapro Studio to check the vocal sound of the singer.

Playback of Preview Phrase

Preview Phrase playback button will be displayed at the bottom right of the selected Singer Icon in the Singer List.


By clicking this button, you can playback the Preview Phrase which has already been set.
※You can playback the Preview Phrase of the selected Singer by pressing the Space key.


※It may take some time to playback the Preview Phrase to reconfigure the playback environment. (An enhancement to speed up the process is considered for a future update)

Select Preview Phrase

By selecting “Select Preview Phrase” in the right-click menu, “Preview Phrase Select Window” will open.

03_04_ctxMenu_SelPhrase  03_03_PhraseList

・By pressing the preview button of each row, you can check the Preview Phrase.
・By pressing return key or clicking the outside of the screen

※You can select the Preview Phrase for each language of the singer.
You can select the image from the PIAPRO Collaboration Data for Japanese singers.