How to install MEIKO V3 on Mac when “MEIKO V3 Installer” doesn’t Start-Up.
Category :Error when installing voice library or Piapro StudioSupport

When [MEIKO V3] doesn’t start-up, please install MEIKO V3, Piapro Studio and VOCALOID API by following the steps below.

1. Open [SOFTWARE] folder that is located in the same location as [MEIKO V3] is.

2. Install all the installers listed below.

  • VOCALOID API V3.0.1.14 Installer.pkg
  • VOCALOID3 MEIKO V3 Dark Installer.pkg
  • VOCALOID3 MEIKO V3 English Installer.pkg
  • VOCALOID3 MEIKO V3 Power Installer.pkg
  • VOCALOID3 MEIKO V3 Straight Installer.plg
  • VOCALOID3 MEIKO V3 Whisper Installer.pkg
  • Piapro Studio Installer.plg

3. Once installation of all the installers is complete, start-up [VOCALOID License Manager] software then activate it.

※[VOCALOID License Manager] software is installed in the location below.
Finder > Application > VOCALOID > VOCALOID License Manager