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The way to use the VOCALOID voice library except for the product of Crypton
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With regards to the Piapro Studio plug-in, you can use the VOCALOID voice library other than Crypton products (*1).
(*1) When you use it with Mac, you need to prepare the VOCALOID voice library that supports Mac vision. Ask production company of the voice library whether it supports Mac version.

■ Supported VOCALOID version(as of March 2015)

  • VOCALOID2 voice library(*2)
  • VOCALOID3 voice library
  • VOCALOID4 voice library(*3)

(*2) In order to use the VOCALOID2 voice library, you have to execute the library import processing to the VOCALOID3 voice library.
(*2) The library import supports only Windows. Check here for more information.
(※3) (*3) In order to use VOCALOID4 voice library with Piapro Studio plug-in, you have to launch Piapro Studio with “V4 mode”.

With regards to the VOCALOID voice library other than Crypton products, on the SONICWIRE website, we accept the application for the “access key”(*4) in order to use with Piapro Studio for free. By applying it with the procedures below, you can use the voice library immediately. Please try.
(*4) When you change the environment, exchange the hard disk etc., you may have to get the access key again.

1) Click the singer icon of a track and open the “singer list” window.

2) The “key” mark icon means the VOCALOID voice library that doesn’t have access key yet.


3) Click the line of the singer who you want to use.

4) The window, “application for the access key” appears.


5) Click the button, [apply the access key].

6) On the Web browser, the application page for the access key of SONICWIRE opens.
* You need to resister and sign-in for SONICWIRE by the internet.


7) Read the “license” and click the button, [agree and go next].

8) The “access key” of the VOCALOID voice library that you specified appears. copy the access key in the state that the key letters are highlighted.


9) Back to the screen of the Piapro Studio and past the copied access key to the form of the “access key operation” window then click the [start using] button.


10) The “key” mark on the singer icon disappears and you can use the voice library.


* Even though the picture is the one of ver.1.2, the procedures don’t change in later versions

by executing this procedure once for one VOCALOID voice library, after that, you can use the VOCALOID voice library freely.