We have released the Piapro Studio version updater.
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We have released the Piapro Studio version updater.
Please check it out by launching Piapro Studio.

We fixed some problems below.

  • The timeline can display in larger zooming scale.
  • Fixed problem of displaying the automation curve.
  • Fixed problem of unexpected automation curve when switching regions selection.
  • Fixed problem and improved editing feature of vibrato track.
  • Improved accuracy of automation in case of the large audio buffer size.
  • Fixed problem of invalid phonetic symbol on “Copy and Paste” action.
  • Fixed problem of PORTAMENT TIMING parameter from imported vsqx file.
  • [Mac] Fixed problem around the configuration file.
  • [Mac] Supported OS X 10.9 Mavericks. (…more information here)
  • For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire at your dealer on how to get the zip file.