About Piapro Studio NT
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The following improvements have been made in the Piapro Studio version update.

[NOTE] Piapro Studio NT is installed with the Miku NT Library installer. See here for more information.

  • Support for Miku NT Original library
  • Improved processing speed (Part 1) (*1)
        – Partial improvement of the internal processing speed when editing.
        – Improved scroll/zoom responce.
  • Support for reading version 2.x (VOCALOID version) PPSF files (*2)
  • Bug fixes:
        – Solved the problem that the portamento setting was not correctly saved in the PPSF file.
        – Fixed a problem in which the background rendering range might not be updated correctly when editing.
        – Fixed a problem related to pitch editing.
        – Fixed a problem related to the behavior of Sil / Asp.
        – Fixed the problem of crash when opening EVEC / Vibrato settings in certain environments.
        – Fixed other bugs.

<*2 About compatibility of PPSF 2.x / VSQX files>

  • Since the E.V.E.C. parameters of our V4X library and the NT library have different specifications/characteristics, their V4X E.V.E.C. parameters will be ignored when reading PPSF 2.x or VSQX files.
    • If you load a PPSF 2.x or VSQX file that contains a track that uses a non-Japanese VOCALOID library, it will not be pronounced correctly as is because the system of pronunciation symbols is different. Please note that it is necessary to re-type the lyrics into Japanese.
      (In such cases, the notes will be displayed in a light purple color)