We have released the Piapro Studio NT updater.
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We have released the “Piapro Studio NT version updater”.
Please look for the update by launching Piapro Studio with menu [Help] -> [Check for Updates].

In this update, we have taken the following actions:

  • Piapro Studio NT plug-in and Piapro Studio VSTi / AU (version 2.x: VOCALOID version) cannot be used simultaneously on a DAW
  • When importing vsqx, Pitch automation data was unintentionally cleared
  • Problem of the automation curve corruption
  • Problem importing ppsf files created by the prototype version of Piapro Studio
  • The feature to synchronize the master tempo of the Piapro Studio plug-in with the master tempo of the DAW (see here for details)
  • Some other fixes

We are currently working on the issue of slow response when editing in Piapro Studio, especially when the song is long.
We are also preparing to add other features. We will release them in future updates, so please wait a little longer.

For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire at your dealer on how to get the zip file.