We have released the Piapro Studio NT updater.
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We have released the “Piapro Studio NT version updater”.
Please look for the update by launching Piapro Studio with menu [Help] -> [Check for Updates].

In this update, we focused on various bug fixes.

  • Crash when closing the note settings panel with selecting VoiceColor / Vibrato preset
  • Win: Can’t enter the lyrics in Japanese
  • Mac: Freezing problem in GarageBand
  • Wrong dialog message and behavior on “New” or “Open” file menu
  • The problem that the display of automation curves was shifted downward
  • Problems with default values of automation (slider settings) not being saved in PPSF
  • Bug in re-rendering range calculation when editing automation curves
  • Problems with the “Phoneme Protect” attribute of notes in VSQX files not being reflected
  • Some other internal bugs

We have also received reports of problems with activation in some users’ environments.
We are trying to reproduce the symptoms in our environment, and we will update as soon as the cause and countermeasures are found.
In this update, the following measures have been taken.

  • When selecting “NT Voice Library Activation…” from the menu and reactivating it, there was a problem where the sound did not come out until the program was restarted.
    This has been fixed.
  • Win: When an activation was completed, the message would not appear above the notification window in the center of the editor window, making it unclear whether the activation was successful or not.
    The message now appears correctly.
  • Win: (ES-NT-07) (EP-NT-07) messages were reported to be displayed every time you activated.
    We have fixed this problem so that it will not appear again after you activate it once.
    If the problem persists, please contact our support team.

In addition, we have received some reports of problems in starting and playing the plug-in version.
We are currently investigating the cause of the problem in our environment to determine the characteristics of each DAW.

For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire at your dealer on how to get the zip file.