I fail to activate the Studio One Artist Piapro Edition.
Category :Error when activating voice library Support

When you fail to activate Studio One Piapro Edition, check the article below and activate it again.
※*You can open the activation window again at the menu item below.
 ・Menu “Studio One” → “Studio One Activation”

・Activate again after a while.
When the communication with the server didn’t end correctly because of access load or some reasons, an error occurs.
Activate again after a while.

・Check your account whether it is valid.
If you have an error massage “please log in to my.presonus.com and accept the most recent terms of use” when you fail to activate, your account may be invalid.
Log in to the user account of Presonus company and try again after agreeing the terms of use when there is a yellow bar at the bottom of the account page.

・Caused by security software or some other software.
When you use the security software or some other resident softwares, once stop them all and activate again.

・Update Studio One.
Update Studio One to the latest version and activate again.
 ・Start Studio One → Menu “Help” → Check for Update

・Check the product key whether it isn’t wrong.
Check the entered product key* whether it isn’t wrong.
*28 digit number without hyphen
Pay attention not to mistake when you enter the product key because the letters 0 and O, 8 and B, 1 and I or l are resemble each other.

・Check your user account whether it isn’t wrong.
Check your user name and password whether they aren’t wrong.
※ If you forgot your password, you can reset it here.

・In case that you use a full-width character(ex. Japanese) in your user name.
Using a full-width character in the user name cause the failure of the activation. When you sign-in by the user name including a full-width character(ex. Japanese), activate to Prime version at the item “execute Studio One Prime” and sign out after opening the start page. Then open the sign-in page again and sign-in entering your registered e-mail address instead of the user name. After the sign-in by your e-mail address, activate Studio One APE again.
*You can sign-out/sign-in at the menu item below.
 ・Menu “Studio One” → sign out/sign in

・Check the product key whether it isn’t registered for another account.
THe product key of Studio One can be registered for only one account. If you have registered or activated the product even once before, you can’t use by another account. If there is a possibility that you have registered or activated the product before, sign-in that account and activate again.